Addon Domains with cPanel

Many blogging and website plans allow for users to have multiple websites, each with a unique domain name. For example, the Power Website Hosting and Ultimate Website Hosting at Gene Davis Software allow for more than one website and each can have a different domain.

(Note: The Power Blogging and Ultimate Blogging plans at Gene Davis Software don’t require the user to know how to use cPanel. Support will take care of this configuration for the user.)

These instructions will apply to most modern cPanel-managed websites that support multiple domains.

First, log into cPanel and look for the “Domains” section. Under that section, you will see the “Addon Domains” icon. The name says exactly what this feature allows. Addon Domains allows you to add on domains to your website.

Addon Domains with cPanel
Addon Domains allows you to add domains to sub-directories on your website.

Next, fill out the Create an Addon Domain form. You must have purchased a domain, to use a domain. Just put that domain in the New Domain Name field. You probably only need “www” for your subdomain, and then choose a Document Root name.

Addon Domains form in cPanel
Fill out this form, and click the Add Domain button.

It’s worth mentioning that the document root will become a folder name, so you don’t want any spaces in the name. I usually name my document roots the same as the domain, except that I replace the “.” with an “_”. This is fairly standard practice.

When you are done filling out the Create an Addon Domain form, click the Add Domain button.

Success Adding a Domain with cPanel
When you succeed adding a domain, you get a screen similar to this one.

Remember to point your Registrar at the correct domain name servers that know where your website’s server is located!

That’s all there is to adding a domain with cPanel.


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