Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems allow people to easily add documents, images and other digital content to websites.

If you’ve never heard of a CMS, also know as a Content Management System, you’re not alone. Content Management Systems are a relatively new tool even in terms of the Internet. Old time Internet users used HTML or Flash to share hobbies, family photos, and business information. Now, the majority of information created by people on the web is created using WordPress or other content management systems.

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Where to Blog

Many free and subscription blogging options exist. Free works for first time bloggers, and is a great way to get your feet wet. Yes, you get what you pay for even in the world of blogging, but that doesn’t mean that learning to blog can’t happen on a free blogging host.

Obviously, I have to recommend checking my blogging solutions when you look for a service to host a blog. But, if you are looking for free for now, try looking into these providers. Then, when you outgrow them, you can look into a more powerful blogging platform.

WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform on the market. WordPress’s site,, is a popular place to start a free blog. It’s great for the first time blogger to get a feel for how WordPress works.

Nothing comes close to WordPress in the popularity stats, but Blogger ranks high among the runner ups. Blogger is owned and maintained by Google. This gives a lot of peace of mind to bloggers knowing a big name like Google is behind their blog. Others complain that Google sidelines in favor of other social media projects. But hey, … it’s free.

Joomla! is a popular alternative to Blogger and WordPress. They include a ‘!’ in their name, probably just to annoy the grammar police. Many surveys place it at number two on the most used blogging platform list, but other surveys claim Joomla! is a third or fourth place. Either way, you can get a free Joomla! blog up and running over at their site in just minutes.


Drupal comes with a blog module, these days. Drupal is more a website-building software, but they couldn’t ignore the popularity of blogging. Drupal does not seem to have a free blogging option at their site. There are a few hosts that offer a free blogging experience with Drupal. However, many diehard bloggers turn their noses up at Drupal, because its primary focus is not on blog building.

Welcome Bloggers!

I know it sounds like a restroom wall, but … If you’re looking for a good blog, check out Gene Davis Software’s blogging solutions. Gene Davis Software provides preinstalled WordPress blogs, and helpful support to get things up and running quickly. Also, the hosted blogs at Gene Davis Software use HTTPS to improve your readers’ privacy and improve your blog’s Google ranking.

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