Creating Normal Websites with WordPress

Most people and businesses don’t realize that WordPress is for websites, too. Obviously WordPress is popular among bloggers, because it has an easy interface for creating and posting new blogs. However, that same interface creates web pages and regular websites with the same ease.

By default, WordPress shows blog posts on the front page. Many business, for example, want a blog, but not as the front page. The trick for business and individuals that want to have WordPress for their website is figuring out how to get a normal web page as their front page in WordPress.

Here’s the trick to using WordPress to create a normal website.

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Appearance.

2. Under Appearance, you will see Customize. Select Customize.

WordPress Customize
Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize

3. Now select “A static page” and choose a front page from the drop down list of your published pages.

WordPress Customizing
Select Static Front Page



4. Don’t forget to click the Save & Publish button on this page.

Static Front Page
Make a website home page using a WordPress home page

One important note. You can’t choose a static page as your WordPress front page until you have actually published at least one page. So, don’t forget to create your new home┬ápage.